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Inner Awakened Mastery  with Kimberly Crowe

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I just reopened my books for private sessions readings. A reading includes  life reading combined with a implementation and integration witin session. After which, you’ll leave with a clearer vision and an action plan. We can usually schedule your reading within 1-2 weeks.

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Coaching sessions will not only help you find your joy and passion and alignment wih ou purpose. They’ also help you put it into your everyday life—through your current career or a new one—so that you can create a life you are meant to live.  

                    I'm excited to be Your Sacred Witness as you step into your True Empowerment of Your Life Suppose !

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If you found yourself on this page you probably already know we are connected as a soul family. You are from my tribe. So here's an opportunity to come to the reunion!!!

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  • Bonus packages offered to VIP members only.
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