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New info !!!!!Temple plate removal call Jan 15th  go here to register!!!

Jan 1-11 Healing Temple Call

 Title: 1111
Time: Wednesday, January 11th at 1:00 PM Mountain

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Will free love offering is always appreciated.

12 day Healing Grid offered as Donation.
You will also Recieve Call on 1-22-2017

12 Days of Light

Retonement Transmissions from the 

Healing Temples of Sedona


Spirit is also offering a Healing Temple Transmission Grid.

This Grid will be at different Sedona sacred sites and the vortex itself   I will team up with the Ancients of Sedona, who are the Solar Star Gate Keepers, and Gaia. 

We will be anchoring the 

Healing Support of Gateway energies for Awakening of all of humanity.

All you do is receive !!! 

As a beacon you carry the codes within your cellular memory. This will activity support that memory.

Transmission Time 11:11 Arizona Time.

 (Read the 21 day  too for more understanding of this process)

If you can not donate  please let me know and will place your name me on the grid anyway....may you be blessed.

The frequencies will be sent to you to integrate when most beneficial for you. 

I would suggest you dedicate  a container of water that I will send the frequencies to. This will support your journey of acclimating the energies.

Offering as a donation 

Normal 21 day Retonement grid is  normally priced  $88

Plus you receicve 1-22-2017 call

More on Blog from last Sedona Trip

1-12 Grid
My Recording

FYI the audios may be supported on smart phones nor tablets. You may need a computer to hear the audios.

medicine wheel 6-23

Listen to the Journey 6-21-2016

gaia grid first day