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Awakening and Ascension Support

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Inner Awakened Mastery Retonements

(“I Am” Retonements)

Kimberly Crowe transmits a Field of potential to anchor higher dimensional octaves into Sacred Embodiment with Inner Awakened Mastery(I AM) Reotnements.

The “I Am” Retonement recordings are collection of energetic healing, channeled guidance and guided transmissions that provide Multi-Dimensional Healing .

Recordings may be embedded  Light Code Language which bypasses the intellectual mind and communicates directly with the Soul, Heart and physical body of the recipient. This speaks to the spiritual self to repair the Light body and upgrade the octaves to the most beneficial potential.

Kimberly works deeply within the Soul contracts, energetic structures and cellular memories to clear out the root causes of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks so you may reclaim wisdom, and empowerment of your Master Self.

The Introduction to the IAm Retonements

Retonement Introduction Loaded with teachings about whats going on with our free will distortions, parallels 3d and integrating the sacred light body of ascension into the 3d. It is a transmission of Knowing and remembrance itself. The information within activates the codons of the future master self. It's like a double shot of espresso transmission.

KC intro REV 6-11-14

Inner Awakened Mastery Retonements (“I Am” Retonements


Recalibrating to Infinite Wisdom: Soul Assimilation Point Recalibration

  • Recalibrating the wisdom of your earth connection

  • Stabilizing the unified field of cohesion

  • Aligning earth soul and solar purpose

Mp3 #2

Embracing Self Love

The first time we experience non acceptance we build the personality construct in lure to receive love from an external source. This “love” only lasts temporary and we repeat the pattern to obtain worthiness again.

All along the answer is within. This transmissions Retonement holds opportunity to retone to embrace the divine self love. If we can uncover the seed of self hate we buried within when we first felt the energy of nonacceptance and bring it to alignment within our own heart and dissipate it out. We are then empty to the rightful placement of true love, self love. .

Mp3 #3

Returning the Divine Nurturer:Mother Matrix Retonement

  • Repairing the eternal lightbody structure to support the divine inner child

  • Aligning Inner Self with Higher Self for Manifestation

  • Release of struggle created through Human sorrow

Mp3 #4

Destiny Codes

  • Connecting earth ,soul and solar purpose to the gift you are

  • Release untruths that sabotage you.

  • Clearing the distortions created within free will choices

  • Releasing self judgment

  • God realization upload

Mp3 #5

Activating the Master Self: Eye of Horus Initiation

  • Remove distortions created within the collective

  • Repairs energy centers from traumas throughout history

  • Removal of implants that Lower frequency and disabled the Mastery Self

Mp3 #6.

Golden Kundalini Retonement

  • Activation of the of Ascension Chakras

  • Activates the field of influence for Ascension plan

  • Activates the ascension energy of the Golden Kundalini

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Seven Ascension Gateway Retonements     

Seven Ascension Gateway Retonements

Each transmission mp3 is 45-50 minutes long.

You are being given  an opportunity  to create THE NOW FROM THE FUTURE OF ABSOLUTE PEACE. 

You are a living vortex, a living light, an emissary of what is good about humanity.

Come play with me and receive the upgrades. We as a collective move past the limitations of this contained universe, we awaken remembering our master self. The transmissions within these recordings support the truth of your divine self


Gateway 1: Deactivating the Destruction Codes

Energetic transmissions to release the Destruction Codes that have been layered into humanity’s consciousness and memory banks. We will clear the implant from your lineage and then be uploaded with the Resurrection Codes. 

I have been integrating the upgrades within my own being. Spirit has been revealing to me the Destruction Codes implanted within the mind of mankind. We are at a pivotal point to release these energies and be upgraded with Resurrection codes which do not have a religious affiliation but do raise you from the dead. The death of limited binding toxic thoughts you carry within the DNA strands of your being. It is time to create from the future with support of your TRUE NATURE and the gift passion......Kimberly Crowe

Gateway 2 : Balance and Empowerment

We are destined to become more than we know. This new mirror reflection will give to us what we have been seeking for eons.

  • Releasing victimization Energy of the Masses

  • Stepping into Divine Power

  • Integration of Fear to a Higher Octave

  • Clearing Guilt residuals of not being enough

  • Releasing from Soul and DNA lineages that hold us back 

Gateway 3 : Anchoring Solar Codes

  • Balancing the mind and heart

  • Harmony activating alignment of divine love

  • Aligning with soul gifts

The stargate energy is gathered to inspire new balance between your heart's intelligence and your thinking mind, creating a connection that will become your new reality; a reality so deeply aligned with your soul that it provides a platform for a profound inner foundation of Love. This alignment with the Galactic Center inspires your deepest connection to the Christed Heart within you. As you taste this new reality, the doorway opens, gently revealing to you the Harmony that is possible when you relinquish fear and open into a new alignment with Divine Love.........Kimberly Crowe

Gateway 4 : Awakening to the Dream

  • Transcending any frequencies that keep us in separation

  • Moving from the program of being the doer to embracing the dream of spirit

We have stepped forth to embody the Christed light of the balance of the female and male energies. In the clearing you may challenged. The old will try to hang on. The intent of this recording is to transcendence any remaining frequency that keeps us in the separation and forgetfulness. You are Whole and Holy.

Gateway 5 : Infusion of the Divine

  • Opportunity to Undo yourself and embrace higher octaves

  • Releasing the storms of Life

  • Clearing the dishonestly that you've held on to.

  • Inviting in the Unseen support

 This transmission  releases cellular Grief within body and the dimensions connected to Humanity's Martyr  .

Release whatever you have been clinging on to that no longer serves. All the way to the bones and throughout your organs. Release grudges, judgment, control, and cultivate acceptance in the here and now.

For some, this process might involve the necessity to grieve and let the inner pressure out of the system. It’s important to let the emotions flow and receive the support of the celestial love.

Gateway 6 :Return of the Divine Child

  • Unlocking Clarity, Passion and Creativity

  • Nurturing the inner twin flame

  • Soul body alignment

  • Connecting with your Light Family

Re Birthing passion to embody goals that align more with your spirit. Letting go of old patterns and beliefs, and connecting with your intuition in new and exciting ways.

Gateway 7 : Embracing the Divine Inner All knowing

  • Healing wounded child and freeing the lineage

  • Healing and Support to be your authentic self

There is something stirring within you, a yearning to become a bigger, bolder and more courageous version of yourself. Now is your time. This support presents an opportunity to walk through a portal that awakens you to the Highest version of yourself. You can stop allowing you to be stuck and realize that anything you want, need, or desire can be found within. Embrace your personal evolution and growth.

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Accession Gateway Integration

Gateway 8 Restoring Happy codes (10-9)

  • Clearing from the collective dream
  • Connecting to mentor's o the essence self
  • Being the Sacred witness to self
  • the embodiment of the sacred self
  • Happiness of remembering the Divine child of love's prescience
  • Remembering the celebration of earth when you arrived
  • What it's like to be supported by joy
  • reclaiming your dream and fire
  • restoring cosmic ,soul and divine child happiness 

Gateway 9 Awaken Soul Codes (10-25)

  • Choice points
  • claiming accumulated knowledge
  • highest octave of love frequency clearing the conditions of love
  • cleaning the heart wounds
  • heart of compassion
  • highest octave of freedom

Gateway 10   Sacred Union (11-11)

  • Birthing the Divine Balance
  • Initiated and Activate the birthing of a New creation within
  • Aligning with your partners of destiny
  • Coming into alliance with your mastery self
  • Partnering with the essence self
  • clearing the old paradigm constructs
  • aligning of the dimensional Galactic dimensional heart with the heart of gala..
  • to be the empath of Joy

Gateway 11 (11-22)

Embodiment of the Essence self

Soul imprints,DNA lineage ,binary DNA codes and the DNA of creation

Disconnecting from Mind of Humanity

Dissolving the distorted matrices

Repairing the lightbody

More Timelines

Alchemy of the Heart Series 
Alchemical Synergy

Alchemy of the Heart SeriesThis series is based of powerful Alchemical Synergy that is palatable throughout the teaching transmissions. Power teachings of Ancient wisdom downloaded with transmissions in this 3 part series that builds upon itself. Upgrade all cellular levels the body and all levels of awareness, build a foundation of restoring the divine self, collapsing the intrinsic pathways within the brain to reclaim and utilize your energy.

In this 3 part series you will have opportunity to review what is peace.

Clear the distorted matrices within your brain to the path of struggle.Release the concepts around the path of tragedy that bind you.

Teach your brain the path to peace, the path to completion, the path to clarity.Remember the truth in how to dream again from passion of creation.​

Take the Opportunity to experience and learn:
  • Discontinuing from the distorted matrix of known and unknown pain in all times and all dimensions
  • Releasing the illusions of ‘wrongest’Downloading the truth of forgiveness
  • Cellular cleansing of pain accumulated through the lineage and all generations
  • Revoking the karmic binding of the lineage and claiming the empowerment of the sovereign self
  • Claiming the right to alchemy, to create joy and abundance
  • Collapsing the intrinsic pathways within the brain to the path of struggle
  • Reclaiming the energy to joy and aligning the brain with the energy of joy

  • Item 1: The Path of Peace Class (MP3, 75mins)

    This mp3 is embedded with frequencies to support your journey.
    In this class we:

    • Claim the path of peace
    • Let Peace be the trigger and the reactor
    • Clear Implants and emotional triggers to the path of significance
    • Embody the path of peace
    • Release the armor as soul surrenders the path of resistance
    • Restore the path of Peace with Gaia Earth as your partner in all Timelines and all dimensions.
    Item 2: Path of Peace Transmission Retonement (MP3)
    Item 3: The Return of Alchemy Class (MP3, 90 mins)

    This mp3 is embedded with frequencies to support your journey.
    In this class we:

    • Release the generational distortions around growth through struggle
    • Release the control from the mind field
    • Step into the open knowledge of Heart
    • Clear all mechanisms of control through struggle and the pain of tragedy of humanity
    • Receive clarity through the path of peace​
    Item 4: Return of Alchemy Retonement Transmission
    Item 5: Embodiment of Honor Through the Heart Class (MP3 48 mins)

    This mp3 is embedded with frequencies to support your journey.
    In this class we work with:

    • Freeing the Mind of language constructs
    • Upgrading to the truth of honor
    • Dissolving the distorted matrix of external recognition for significance
    • Release any cellular energy form the shame of dishonor
    • Clearing the vows and oaths from DNA misuse of honor
    • Unifying the heart / brain and calibrating soul codes to honor
    • Heart cohesion: Integration of the path of peace with the three brains: heart, head and gut.
    • Embody the energy of how much Gaia honors you
    Item 6: Embodiment of Honor Retonement Transmission (MP3)
    Item 7: Sacred union of the future self Class (MP3 48 mins)

    The frequencies within this mp3 support you for:

    • Preparing the lightbody to receive the highest octave of energy
    • Receive the energetic essentials for the essence self
    • Birthing the energy to embody the sacred essence of solar conciseness
    • Rebuke and Revoke all bindings of the lineage that has sabotage the receiving of accumulated knowledge.
    • Step out into a place of grace to anchor the energies on earth accumulated knowledge
    • Parting with your future self as your wayshower
    • Releasing old structures around relationships
    • How to move through all parallels and dimensions to embody our sacred self
    Item 8: Aligning the Lightbody to the Future Self Class (MP3 70 mins)

    The frequencies within this mp3 support you for:

    • Downloading the frequency of Bliss and Completion
    • Restore the alchemy of abundance
    • Now we can create from anything the way universe was dreamed into existence
    • Celebration of being the empath of joy and passion
    • Lighting the portals of love and truth
    • Releasing the distorted matrix of greed
    • Reclaiming Motivation through the highest octave of alchemy
    • Clearing the matrix of the untruths from humanity's consciousness
    • Collapsing the story of comparison

    We are all unique to our own Divine cellular structure of our templates of light. This work will clear the distorted pathways of the corrupted matrices. We will align with the frequencies of the Greater Aspect.​

Removing The Distraction Template

This template is lodged between the frontal lobe and the pineal. Seems that is was put in place to scramble our original star seed codes,which are Gaia original codes.

Did you agree to have this or was it imposed on you? Doesn't matter this is an opportunity to remove it and be complete.

Upon removal you will have a clear connection to the magnetics of Gaia's template to anchor in and receive you assignment for your lightcodes.

Less Distraction from the Field of Distortion. In the 3D and other dimensions.

Be a sacred portal and disengage the carbon based frequencies

Align with sovereign self and authentic self-empowerment

Release all strongholds from other lifetimes

oaths and vows that have disabled

Remove the mechanism fro the brain that connects us through distraction within the mind of humanity

Clear viruses bacterium vaccinations miasmas from the cellular structure of the DNA and disconnect from the mind construct that have held this in place.

Enter into a realm of greater focus

Clear the old chakra system and bring in the new higher vibrations and repairing any broken heart walls.

Replace with a higher dimensional heart receiver from your higher aspects

Restore and release the traumas of the heart experience

Clear old transmitters of distortions.

Repairing and clearing the ear chakras to bring clairty Clairaudience

with restoring.

Open the higher dimensional frequency to receive from your cosmic self-empowerment.

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