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I Am Retonement Transmissions

I AM Retonement Individualized Transmissions

Kimberly Crowe transmits a Field of potential to anchor higher dimensional octaves into Sacred Embodiment with Inner Awakened Mastery(I AM) Reotnements.

The “I Am” Retonement recordings are collection of energetic healing, channeled guidance and guided transmissions that provide Multi-Dimensional Healing .

Recordings are  embedded  Light Code Language which bypasses the intellectual mind and communicates directly with the Soul, Heart and physical body of the recipient. This speaks to the spiritual self to repair the Light body and upgrade the octaves to the most beneficial potential.

Kimberly works deeply within the Soul contracts, energetic structures and cellular memories to clear out the root causes of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks so you may reclaim wisdom, and empowerment of your Master Self.

Now is opportunity to obtain your own individualized recording.

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Your own Personalized Retonemnet 
The Codes of Your Destiny Signature

The intention is to support you in your completion and beginnings. Activating and upgrading your binary codes and your light body. . This will be in music and light language form f to listen to in your environment to create a sacred space and container for the integration of your divine essence. 

I connect directly to your Destiny signature and channel the binary code aligning into the frequency for your support. mp3 is  approximately 45 minutes.

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Listen to My Destiny Codes!!!

Here's a sampling of my very own Destiny Codes!! 

My Destiny Codes with DNA repair

DNA Repair Frequency mikhara bowles

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