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Awakening  the Creative Seeds Within You for Your Life and Business to Transcend. 

Inner Awakened Mastery  
Conference Calls Series 

Activating Retonement 


Acceleration with Transmissions

How the call works after you purchase call the call number will be sent to you.

Calls may be purchaesd individually or packages. Or join the membership.

 The call will be recorder if you miss the live event.

Purchase of the recording will be available for anyone who desires.

The recordings carry the embedded frequencies 

The call basically will be channeled in real time. 

Call will probably last about a hour to 90mintues.

I will lead group with a journey, open the records and begin the work. 

If  announcened as Q&A with Transmission the lines will be opened for questions.

If Transmission only call,I may open line for sharing.

Intention of Calls

These are  experiential calls into the journey of remembrance. Your divine destiny awaits.  

Come release from the distorted matrices that hold you back and step into you full potential .

  • Awaken your  Soul Enlightenment Codes    
  • Open The Doors To Your Enlightenment Codes 
  •  Create Planetary Change

The calls are geared to the quantum field of the soul essence and infusion codes that are available for the highest benefit. 

Spirit has shown me the matrix of the new Earth that is waiting to be birthed this synergy lies within the imaginal cells of your blueprint .

It is time to remember the future to create it now.


 As guided by spirit I will upload the group .with retonements that will enhance the frequencies that are available now for you to support your divine alignment. We are all unique to our own Divine cellular structure of our templates of light. This work will clear the distorted pathways of the corrupted matrices.

We will align with the frequencies of the Greater Aspect .

This will open opportunities to bring in information to get your system back online to the divine essence you are.

These calls are created for the forerunners who are ready to be the portals of the divine plan within your physical and spiritual essence.

Kimberly Crowe facilitates the activation of your 

Soul Enlightenment Codes within your Divine Blueprint with Infusions from  the Divine bridging the remembrance carried within your Soul.

Register now to step into your destiny !

Thank you for the work you are doing in partnership with the Greater Aspect. I am honored by your presence.

Ascension Support  

Group Calls

Title: August 5th
Date & Time: Saturday, August 5th at 2:00 PM Central
Event Page: Listen to the replay

Bringing in the Timeline of the Future

Clearing the implant of Separation

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purchase individual  conference call if you chose not do jump in all the way.

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