Inner Awakened Mastery

Awakening  the Creative Seeds Within You for Your Life and Business to Transcend. 

Events Schedule 

Nov 11th Johnson City TN

Activate Your Blueprint to your Success Codes 

Kimberly Crowe will be offer a Group Session  
Awakening Destiny Codes sessions  are about clearing the distorted matrices of illusion that have entrapped us within our human DNA lineage and collective consciousness. Connecting to the frequency of Divine Truth will restore your Destiny Codes to the gift you truly are for Humanity. As we birth ourselves from the collective grid we enter into the freedom of Awakening to our inner power the divine grace of love itself.

Releasing from the distorted matrices will accelerate Consciousness Expansion of Higher DNA Activation and release of DNA Imprints that no longer serve the highest aspect of the SOUL'S awakening into ascension. 

 This supports your journey of Universal Truth, opening up to your True Self through Soul Ascension. Embracing your Destiny of the Higher awakening and emerging with god consciousness.

Self transformation is True Self Realization. Awakening destiny requires expansion of your existing beliefs beyond the restrictions of your programmed belief system. These sessions support your sacred journey of self realization.As a beacon you carry the codes within your cellular memory. This transmission will actively support that memory. Read more about class. about Light Codes

  RSVP limited space. Pay at door $200.00 
or pre register and receive Discount 
Pre register full price 175.00 by Nov 4th  

$50.00 deposit holds your spot

Pay in Full

  Frequency Holders

Transmissions are a dynamic format with each grp being it's own! I've assimilated Lots more info since the last grp.

Shamanic Breathwork Workshop


Registration fee  $65 before March 11th

$75 after March 12th

Please visit Shamanic Breathwork  page to read about the process . 

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