Inner Awakened Mastery

Awakening  the Creative Seeds Within You for Your Life and Business to Transcend. 

Please contact  Kimberly before using booking calendar.

Session are 90 minutes       $222
60 minutes                             $155
30 mintues                              $88

Use  calendar after connecting with Kimberly ONLY for  confirmation and payment arrangements. 
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Service payment

Please read everything over carefully and follow the instructions. Preparation, Call in Number, Accessing Your Recording, and Pre–Payment Info is included below.

It is important to prepare your consciousness for the session. Say a prayer, set clear intentions, call to your Divine Sponsors, and/or write a request and burn it or lay it on your altar. These sessions are very deep and comprehensive. The Divine Ones from the Realms of Light work directly with your Divine Self on your behalf. So much more can be done now in one session, the Divine Ones say, because of the soul evolution that has been taking place on the planet. Therefore in these sessions, tremendous releases of light beyond what souls could receive in the past… and deep healings take place at the causal levels clearing all kinds of soul dilemmas from spiritual to physical to such a great degree it is many times beyond what could be imagined. Therefore, it is with great gratitude and appreciation for the Divine Ones that these Soul Remedy offerings are available to Awakening Souls worldwide.

Be on time!!! Your session starts at the moment allotted for you. If you have any delays or have trouble getting onto the call, please text or call: 270 799 9354

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