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  Blessings Divine Being 

  My purpose is to help you remember your mastery self, to hand you, your divine self. My role is to work with the Greater Aspect . This is the consciousness of group soul that is the mastery self. You are a part of the Greater Aspect. Your master ascended  self resides there  NOW. This glossary and audios are given to support this awareness. The Greater Aspect works in the spectrum of Light bringing encodements through sound and colors. I AM a channel of these encodements which demonstrates as the spoken light language through the "retonement transmissions" and my art work. This entire site is downloaded with these frequencies. 

Begin by clicking the ‘free’ audios  and experience the energy for yourself. 

If you have been guided to read this page then your mission is the same as mine. To help Spirit usher in a new age and a new way for Earth and her people.

Enjoying the Journey

Kimberly Crowe

Preparing for Light...soak it up

The information and audio recordings  on the site are from Source, God or Universal Consciousness.

I call the words I speak ‘Light Language or Light Encodements’, but really they are coding sequences of Sound and Light transmitted through  voice, hands and eyes as the conduit. When you listen regularly to these energy words you will change physically, emotionally  on deep levels of soul while descending spirit into the physical.

You will feel lighter and your life will flow easier. You will begin to create and magnetize your deepest desires. These energy transmissions are a gift from Spirit to us all as our real purpose in our Earthly lives is to be happy and live well.

This section  is also designed to prepare you for a spiritual, physical and consciousness upgrade, to begin to activate previously dormant human DNA potential. and embody our full gifts. We are now at the beginning of a Golden Age on Earth. It is time to prepare ourselves for what lies ahead.. All you need do is listen to spirit..

  The new way is really an old way upgraded. For in the beginning times on Earth,  we knew and understood this way .When soul was mostly lightbody before soul became dense in the 3d. Before the matrices distorted beyond repair. We entering an age of restoration,of claiming our divine heritage.

Enlightenment is both a Spiritual and Physical process. It is a merging or fusing of your physical cells and spirit to bring about a change in your perceptions to facilitate a Shift In Consciousness. Aligning Body, Mind and spirit. This merging brings a new awareness or perception of your Higher Self and your connection to the Divine. When your body holds more light as Information your soul begins to remember the truth of who you are.

It is time to reconnect to our true power and purpose and to activate our inherent potential. By coming together in unity and  love we may carry this  field of influence to  the people of Earth.To partner with the unconditional love of Gaia, supporting her as she supports you.

What is the Language of Light and Why Should I Experience It?

The Language of Light is the language of Source, that communicates to  your Sou and your multiple dimensional self. It is a vast and powerfully  transformative divine language linked directly to God/Source/Creation. The GREATER ASPECT explained the  Language of Light  as energy  transmissions that  “provide dynamic restructuring and realignment of your Light Body according to non-dualistic higher Truth and divine will  It is pure vibration of divine grace bringing you exactly what you need in the moment through  sound ,color encodements and octaves of light frequencies. 

While Language of Light  is still relatively unknown on the earth plane, it is a particularly dominant aspect of my healing role with Earth and humanity. At unconscious levels, and in the heart and cells, everyone is fluent in this frequency language as it is the primary form of communication throughout all of God’s creation. You need not understand or feel it for it for it to be   effective.  It is a very pure form of channeling, since neither my mind and emotions, nor yours, filter the messages and codes coming through for your healing. And because your Master Self guides the work, according to your needs and divine timing, it is always appropriate and perfect for you.It contains the frequency of your divine plan. As your start upgrading your frequencies to catalyze the divine plan.  

This divine language can only be accessed through the vibration of Love.  Language of Light is the term generally used for what is also called the Language of Creation/Source/God/Love/Soul/Angels.  It goes by many descriptions, but it is always a divine multidimensional communication sharing love, light, healing and information from the higher realms of Creation.  It is literally Source Light encoded with Whole-Light (non-dual) information.

Holographic in nature, this transcendent language is a multidimensional quantum expression. As such, everything you need is present in the moment you receive it. You will  integrate  what you are ready for leaving the rest available in your light field to draw from when you are ready..As divine beings in human form, we all know this language well, having used it in other times, places and expressions of our vast Beingness, so it is very familiar at deep level


 The Destiny Codes and Retonement Transmissions were gifted to Humanity by the Greater Aspect. They were transmitted to me as The “Retonements”. I began seeing the Matrices in the late 90's and the sound transmissions began in 2002 and continue through this present time NOW.


The "Retonement Transmissions" activate Destiny Code grid bringing communication in at a deep and profound level that most of us don’t currently have access to. This communication is not telepathic, nor is it empathetic. It is a form of full body communication between beings, that can likened to an emanation or emission. It is the emanation of self-ness ,with which “crystal” children communicate.


It is now time for this form of communication be fully activated to enhance the next phase of human spiritual and energetic evolution, connect us to the joy of being and to enable us to receive more fully with the New Energy  now coming onto the planet.

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Glossary of terms

Channeling- channeling is  a conscious connection and surrender into a higher frequency expression of our Multidimensional SELF

Dimensions -are the fundamental building blocks of reality.( 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions )

Greater Aspect  This is the consciousness of group soul that is the mastery self. You are a part of the Greater Aspect. Your master ascended  self resides there  NOW

Inherited Karmic Consequences-Negative spiritual-energetic attachments influence our mind, thought-forms, emotional states and belief systems and are generally responsible for states of anxiety, depression, oppression, and hatred. When we are filled with negative spirits, they can make us feel sick and contribute to disease states. The more diseased the person's body, mind and emotions become, the more soul fragmented and spiritually sick the person is. This energetic consequence can be cumulative over many lifetimes, or in the current identity and can exist in children, or at any biological age. Many  children have inherited the karmic miasma of their family of origin, and the genetic record of their DNA holds the energetic consequences of their parents and previous ancestral lines. When we do not comprehend the inherited karmic consequence of previous actions, and do not change spiritually abusive patterns or clear spiritual oppressions, the energetic blockage manifests as disease patterns and other distortions for the individual

Light Language-  the language of Source, that communicates to  your Soul and your multiple dimensional self

Light encodements-. frequencies of  the wisdom of creation encoded within the language of light. That are transmitted when spoken or transmitted through color or light.

Ancestral Spirits and Familiar Spirits

Negative spiritual influences can be attached to our energetic body through uncleared mental, emotional or spiritual conflicts from past, present and future lifetimes. These can be Ancestral Spirits or Familiar Spirits that attach to our body or spiritual parts. When these ancestors left their body, they were not spiritually freed and thus cling to your body waiting to be released, cleared and healed from their pain. Sometimes these ancestral or familiar spirits are connected to organs and enmeshed with spiritual body parts. This is what "mismatched body parts" may mean in the process of clearing the spiritual body.

During the Ascension Cycle, many of us are here to finalize, complete and end these imbalanced energetic cycles and their negative influences upon our genetic history, DNA record, astral recycling, and the patterns recorded in the family of origin. When we make progress with personal ancestral clearing, our clearing efforts will extend to cities, nations, tribes, and global gridwork for the entire human race. This means many of us have the spiritual purpose to clear unresolved conflicts and spiritual issues of our patriarchal, matriarchal and ancestral bloodlines and timelines. The process of healing the Ancestral DNA is called Genetic Pathcutting, and is the main spiritual mission of many Indigos and Starseeds. Many Starseeds incarnated purposely in different soul groups, known as the "False Parent" family lines. In the early stages of spiritual awakening, all of us must address and clear ancestral issues, whether we are aware of this fact or not. Ancestral issues are inherited in our DNA record and they will manifest as specific archetypes and patterns throughout our life experiences. When we are unconscious, we will repeat these same patterns many time verbatim, as they are directly inherited ancestral behavioral patterns. People are amazed to learn these same ancestral patterns were present in relatives that they may have never even known existed until later in life.

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