Inner Awakened Mastery

Awakening  the Creative Seeds Within You for Your Life and Business to Transcend. 

 If you’re a seeker looking for some good juju for your soul, you’re in the right place! 

I’m Kimberly Crowe, and I am delighted that you are visiting me.

It’s time to fully embody the empowered soul you came here to be. Together, we can journey through removing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual obstacles so that you can clearly see, hear, and follow your Divine guidance with grace and ease.

I am committed to the Awakening of the full potential of humanity, and I’m excited to be a sacred witness with YOU on this journey.

Some of the tools that were given to me to help you include:

The innate ability to stand in all time and connect to the spheres of existence on all dimensions.

Seeing, hearing, and feeling the Harmonic Matrix Grid within the energy field of all creation and seeing the matrices of the divine and not so divine. I use this and transmit your sacred codes directly into you.

The ability to hold the vision of the divine essence that I see in you—to reflect your full potential and empower you to live your full Destiny.

The Roles I Play 

Who I Am:

  My name is Kimberly McClendon Crowe, and  I’m an everyday Mystic—a healing facilitator to your Soul, guided by Spirit through the Creator of all there is.  

Through a series of spontaneous awakenings to my healing process, I connected to my own Inner Awakened Master. As I integrated my multidimensional aspects, I became a channel for messages and energies that transmit healing and unlock and awaken human potential.

This work enables people like you to dissolve barriers and break free from negativity, limitation, and lack.

My life’s work is devoted to the healing arts. I have more than 30 years of combined experience in allopathic and holistic medicine. Also, I am an ordained Shamanic Minster.

I combine knowledge from a wide range of healing techniques with my natural connection to Creator to hold a space of self-empowerment with clients and students.

Internationally, my office is available via phone consultation and the use of Zoom.

My services integrate a wide range of Alternative Healing. I use Soul Reading with Life Path Healing and Energy Work which may include a combination of many modalities that I access throughout the quantum field.

The tools and techniques I use assist you in removing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual obstacles so that you can clearly see, hear, and follow your Divine guidance with grace and ease. This process allows you to fully embody the empowered soul that you came here to be. 

My  role as a Healing Facilitator:

We attune and reveal your true, radiant nature by using healing work that holds space for removing blocks to wellness.

My role is to be your sacred witness—to stand with you and support you as you unfold your inner power.

In the process of reclaiming and alchemizing the true gift that you are, I tap into your energetic system and access the storyline of the “not self” that is running interference. Then, I help support you to dismantle what no longer serves you, allowing you to embody your true, awakened being.

This magical process releases the seeds to your creative superpowers and empowers you to connect to your fullest Potential, the gift that you are.

Our Story

Together we will create a story of empowerment that will transcend and awaken humanity to it's fullest potential.

 The Teacher:
 My role as a Teache
r is to hand you the keys and that will empower your own personal journey to the sacred  authentic self. To awaken the divine being that exist within each of us, your own mastery self.


The Artist role: 

As an visionary artist I have the gift to connect to Soul's essence as it portrays the Soul Song  through color. I offer original art work, prints and customized Soul Song Portraits with Soul reading. Also I am a Wire jewelry artist specializing in  offering wearable  tools for support of your Ascension  journey.


 Now we create. This is Your Invitation>>>>> .







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