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Awakening  the Creative Seeds Within You for Your Life and Business to Transcend. 

2019 Conference Calls  

The Year of Anchoring Trinty

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All calls are recorded and the Teachings and Healings are timeless.

Transmission call
Sept 22nd 11 am Central

Time of balance and to feel earth energies. As Gaia comes into this particular time of the Autumn  equinox. The cosmos  balances of equal amounts of day of night, it opens up a beautiful portal for the influx of energies coming in from the cosmic rays.The Light coming in through this particular portal provides another powerful blast of photonic and  plasma  energy to penetrate the distorted matrix of Humanity's mind and unlock yet another major  Pathway of Light which allows Source energy to repair distortions in your field. 

Join with me as we anchor in the balance  that awaits

Normally $44  Special donation  ZOOM LINK TO CALL

Gaia Transmission Grid

   IAm Retonement transmissions

 Powerful 12-Day Journey of Retonement

This is an invitation of support to receive from your Divine Master Self.

Would you like to restore your divine birthright and reclaim a balanced life, peace and success  in all areas of your life?

I'm inviting you to receive and experience support .I serve as a sacred witness as a gateway keeper to of anchoring and sending pure Infinite Love Christed Transmissions .

What do you have to do?

Be ready to  open to love, wholeness and health as  true nature and let go of old stories that no longer serve  to reclaim  perfection with grace and love and ease.

During this 12-day journey we will transmit light to activate the codes of your divine essence and anchor in the Crystalline DNA of Divine Love, rewire and restoring your Lightbody to support optimal vitality physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I am here to support your Soul's journey of remembering its true nature of light and love and all "you be" within the Christed light of love.

The  Divine Mother Earth.. Gaia is here ready to support your transformation into the Love that you are.

Greater Aspect of all there is, is here waiting for you to reclaim your accumulated wisdom.

normally $88  SPECIAL $44


Membership  the TRIBE
is Opened Back Up!

 More opportunities to Connect

New Memebrship Creation is birthing...TBA.
Limited time Offering
10-1-2019 Expires

Read More Now at Present 
Membership Price and be locked in for the Year. WOOHOOO!!!!
Last time these prices will be offered
$333 for the Year

March 10th Support Call
(Members this is included in your membership)

3-10-2019 Support Call 

Anchoring Intentions 12noon Central 

Waves of Consincounsess

We have 3 "333" Gateways the month of March. These are opportunies to Align and Anchor Trinty Codes on to Earth and Into your own Being. I have created a Transmission Grid for the osscassion, If you would like to receicve support during these Gatewaves. You may Join Master Self Portal Faceebook Group This is a Public Group and You can Invite your Friends and Share the Transmissions and Teachings.

Regular Price of Trannsmissons  Grid  and call is $88 

I am Giving this as  with a Donation opt in  To read more about Transmissions Grids go here

1st Wave 3-3 until 3-12
2nd Wave of Transmissions 
3-12 until 3-21

 Clearing and receiving Downloads.
The Intention is to contect to the Greater Aspect and receive through your Sacred Chamber and Activate your Trinity Codes.
Includes support call and daily Transmissions on Live  Facebook group also included. Calls will be recorded and a Facebook group can be accessed at anytime. 

Support Call 3-10 12noon Central
  Event Title: Support call
Date & Time: Sunday, March 10th at 12:00 PM Central

To attend this event, click here 15 minutes before the event time:

If you don't have access to the web, you can listen in by dialing (425) 440-5010, and using the following conference pin: 592609#

Here is a list of international numbers:

Clear Old Mind Sets 
eate from New and Lost Dreams

12 Days of intentions

Jan 12 

YES YES YES!!! 12 Whole days of Clearing and receiving Downloads.
The Intention is to contect to the Greater Aspect and receive through your Sacred Chamber and Activate your Trinity Codes.
Includes 2 support calls and daily Transmissions on Live a Private Facebook group also included. Calls will be recorded and a Private Facebook group can be accessed at anytime

12 Days of Intentions

Jan 6 

Anchoring Intentions 1:00pm Central 

Solar Ecslipse We start the 2019 New Year with two eclipses in January. Eclipses act as agents of change and shake things loose. The New Moon on Saturday, January 5th, 2019 at 15° Capricorn is a partial solar eclipse. The Solar Eclipse conjuncts the Saturn-Pluto midpoint in Capricorn, providing positive energy to start or grow a business. The first eclipse of 2019 is a call for action in the New Year, initiating positive steps in constructing and building your dreams.


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